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 [BW][S] Pride & Prejudice

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PostSubject: [BW][S] Pride & Prejudice   Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:34 pm

Pride and Prejudice
Submitted by: Modi

Hello and welcome to the Pride and Prejudice challenge! With the success of the Shakespeare one on the AGE forums (though not here so we will see how we go) I decided to run the same challenge but for P&P. Except in this instance I will not be providing quotes as there are so many and some are quite long winded =). I hope you enjoy this rendition of the quote challenge.
- Modi Council

Aim: To Create a signature that "expresses" a quote that you have chosen from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin


  • MUST use one quote from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • Content MUST "match" the chosen quote
  • Artwork MUST be your own work
  • No pre-made work
  • Artwork must adhere to Site Rules

When you have completed your Challenge Signature, post it here with a Screen Shot of your Layers, Chosen quote and name your piece =D


Quote :
Name: "Only Angels and Demons can raise the Dead"
Quote : One fell swoop

- Yes this was a signature I have made before lol, but since I'd like to partake in the challenges, didn't want to make two^^

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[BW][S] Pride & Prejudice

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