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 Final Draft

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PostSubject: Final Draft   Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:04 pm

"Please present in posts below your pieces to be critique and/or your constructive criticism of other pieces presented. These threads are designed to assist and help artists improve, learn and gain confidence in their work and presentation of said work. Anyone who does not abide by the rules of this forum, Signature Rules and/or the rules of our critique section will be met with swift action of which in some cases will equal an immediate ban."

This is where you shall present your FINAL DRAFT!! for presentation, last critiques, comments, assistance, compliments, adoring fans underwear will be thrown/presented here. While by this stage your piece should be looking pretty darn smexy we still advise to take all criticism underwing, even if it is for a future piece.

So I invite everyone to participate in this section as both a presenter and a critiquer, and most importantly... have fun and stay creative =)

For a full explanation of the Critque Section, Rules and more please follow this link

You should no longer need this section by this stage, but if you do just click to view =)

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Final Draft

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