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 Everyone's a Critic

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PostSubject: Everyone's a Critic   Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:12 pm

Snowydew wrote:


Criticism is defined as the judgment of both merits and faults.

Though the word to "Critique" has a somewhat derogative feeling and is often associated with prejudice or disapproval, this is not necessarily the case. The true etymology of the word is the study, interpretation, or evaluation of something. Hence the goal of this type of Criticism is to understand and bring to light ideas and ideals.

Constructive Criticism or Analysis is a compassionate thing. It is meant to uplift and raise the bar for the person. It helps the person to better themselves by outlining the problem and maybe what they can do about it. But in order for this type of Criticism to be "Constructive" it must also that it must be "Healthy". By healthy, I mean non-abrasive and non-abusive with a civil tone and professional air.
- Taken from Constructive Critique by Snowydew

Welcome to Artifex's Critique Section - Everyone's a Critic!
Within the walls of this wonderful section, we have set up an Artwork Development System that allows you to present your artwork and through constructive criticism foster development, encourage creativity, promote exploration and improve artwork as well as skills. This section will be highly monitored for nonconstructive comments/criticism and will be promoted as a place where people can post their work knowing it will be met with comments only meant to HELP, ASSIST, and IMPROVE their works.

How this will work
Presented in this section are 4 Threads. The "Master" (this thread), First Draft, Second Draft & Final Draft. The idea is to present the beginnings of a piece of your own artwork in the "First Draft" thread. Here your piece will be met with constructive criticism in the form of a yin yang which can be described as: for as many compliments your piece obtains, you will receive the same number of critiques. You now have three choices:

  1. You can reject what was said and keep editing the artwork as you have already been doing.
  2. Heed the criticism and edit the work but cease posting in the final two threads.
  3. Work on the constructive criticism given to you and present your work again in "Second Draft."

In summary:
once you have posted the first draft of your work in the "First Draft" thread, it will be critiqued and you can choose one of the above options. If you choose to edit the work and post it in then "Second Draft" thread, the process will start over. Once it has been critiqued in the "Second Draft" thread, you will again choose an option. If option 3 is chosen, you will move the newly edited work to the "Final Draft" thread. After all of this, if you have used the criticism to your advantage and worked hard at your piece, you will not only have a smexy badge collection but a smexy piece that you have constructed with the help of your Artifex peers!!

LINKS TO THE THREADS: First Draft ll Second Draft ll Final Draft

Quote :
Basic Critique Structure
(cyan = optional)

[img]Piece of work that you are critiquing[/img]

1) (Compliment): Describe what you like from posters presented work of art.
Explanation: Explain why you like it.

2) (Critique): Describe and name what you believe they can improve on.
Explanation: Explain ways they might be able to improve it.

Suggestion: Review as to what you think needs to be improved upon to increase the signatures aesthetic features

Piece for Presentation:
[img]Piece of work that is yours that you want to be critiqued[/img]


  • Yin Yang Rule: Criticism is to be balanced (i.e. 3 comments about improvement must also be met with 3 comments on what is thought to be good in that piece. Posts that do not follow this formula will be removed.).
  • Only works presented in this section are available to be critiqued. Critiquing works presented in other sections of the forum will not be tolerated.
  • In order to provide another user with criticism, you must have also presented a piece of your own work in the same section.
  • Criticism MUST be constructive. All statements must be backed up with explanations
    For example: I didn’t like the smudging. X (Bad)
    I didn’t like the smudging because it caused the figure to become unfocused and made it a blurry mess to look at. / (good)
  • Flaming, harassment and any inappropriate behavior will result in the removal of the post as well as a warning. If this behavior is continued, a ban from Artifex will result (Depending on the severity of the behavior, the second consequence may become first consequence).
  • One piece of Artwork can only be critiqued 3 unique (different people) times in each of the threads.

How to rank in the most Critquely Smexiest Section of Arifex...

For the Artifex members who participate in the system, we will be awarding points and smexy badges! Our hope is that, not only will people have fun, collect some badges as well as points, but that they will also be able to show that they have put their work forward to be critiqued which is not an easy task and thus should be something to be proud of!

There is a Rule that does belong in the points section...

  • To encourage participation in both sides of the critique forum, you may only earn up to 50 points in one section (noted by colour *see how to gain points below*) without participating in the other.

This table represents how the points add up to a Rank / Badge

Your smexy badges should look like this ^.^ once you reach rank 5.

Now that you have seen what points equal what, you are probably wanting to see how you will be gaining them..

There are two different sections to this table: the blue indicates points allocated for posting work, and red indicates those for critiquing work. For one piece of work, a poster can gain a max of 3 points and a critiquer can gain a max of 2 points per piece they critique.

Posting your work for criticism and in turn learning to critique in a fair and constructive manner are both important things when learning how to improve your own work.

And with that we wish you luck as you preceed through this new form of learning.

Love, Hugs, Kisses and Spanks
Your Forum Modi.

Construction and implementation by spirit9123 and Pharwynd. Spelling, Grammar and Approval by Ladylanaee


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Everyone's a Critic

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