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 Bio About Mimi!! :D

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PostSubject: Bio About Mimi!! :D   Fri Nov 11, 2011 9:37 pm

- Games you play: Shaiya

- Active Forums: AGE forums

- How did you become interested in making signatures?
Before I use to make sigs, I use to edit backgrounds & stuff for youtube.

- Why do you like to make Signatures?
Because it's just really fun to do. I get to express myself in many ways.

- What programs(s) do you use?
Gimp & sometimes PS CS5

- Why do you like it?
It's just really fun to work with.

- How long have you been making signatures?
Since May 2011.

- What are five suggestions you would give to any signature artist?
1. Express yourself!
2. Don't let anyone make you think you are not good on what you do!
3. You learn from yourself and from others each day.
4. Share your ideas & don't be afraid to do that.
5. Always try to challenge yourself.

- How about five suggestions for a new artist?
1. Using new techniques that you are not use to.
2. Be open about new ideas.
3. Ask if you need help with things.
4. Use tutorials.
5. Don't let criticism get to you.

- Do you offer tutorials or give lessons?
I can give tutorials, if I want to. Sometimes I will give a lesson.

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Bio About Mimi!! :D

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