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 My challenge entry and studio

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PostSubject: My challenge entry and studio   Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:55 pm

the studio will change as I feel like adding to it, new studios will get a new posts with a description about the change.


- "Artist" Name: Lore-Master

- Name: Tim

- Favorite Color: blue

- Games you play: Shaiya; oblivion; random online flash games

- Active Forums: Artifex, anime-stadium, occaisionally the Shaiya forum

- How did you become interested in making signatures? some of the sigmakers on the first forum I got involved in started some sig of the month contests and I wanted to have a go.

- Why do you like to make Signatures? To try and depict ideas/concepts, or to find a new way of looking at things, and sometimes just to see what happens when I mash things together

- What programs(s) do you use? PS4

- Why do you like it? started with PS3 and found that fairly easy to use, upgraded to PS4 and didn't hate it enough to switch back down.

- How long have you been making signatures? just over 2 years

- What are five suggestions you would give to any signature artist?
1; starting knowing what you want to finish with isn't always a good idea
2: If you do start with a plan, don't feel bound to stick to it
3: the quality of the end product does depend on what you put in, if your staring image is bad it's very hard to make the end product look good
4: don't be too proud too ask for help
5: don't be too snobbish to deny help that's been asked for.

- How about five suggestions for a new artist?
1: experimentation is fun even if the end result is a total mess
2: always save your PSDs you never know when you might want them again
3: It's not about what others think, If your pleased weith it then it's good whatever anyone else says
4: on the other hand always be willing to listen to and accept constructive critisim
5: most importantly enjoy yourself, if you don't then what was the point

- Do you offer tutorials or give lessons? If I think I know enough about the topic to do so.

on the wall s we have bookcases :0 always a good thing to have when you read as much as I like to, a framed version of a piece I like and a mural of the glories of space, still one of the most beautiful things the human mind can witness, on the door is a poster of a rap group i like and my desk is just a simple one, behind me is a full window wall Smile


5: completed

my photobucket, not really in any sort of order atm.
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My challenge entry and studio

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