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1. No rude, vulgar, threatening, abusive, unlawful, hateful, obscene or objectionable content whether artform or post.

2. No discussions will consist of political, religious, sexual or ethnic/racial topics.

3. The moderators and site creators reserve the right to change, modify or update anything on the site at will.

4. Please adhere to any extra rules specified on posts or forums.

5. No advertising unless given written permission by a site creator or designated moderator.

6. No spamming.

7. No false representation or impersonation of another person or organization.

8. Failure to read these rules does not prohibit these rules applying to you if you do not follow them

Those who have been found to be in breach of any of our site or signature rules will be met with a warning, continuation of said activity can result in a ban or removal of priviledges. Severity of the Issue will change the outcome.


Please find contained within this post Artifex's rules on the posting and displaying of signatures on the Artifex forums

Signature/s Size

Image (jpeg, jpg, bmp,png,gif) Signatures
MUST be within the parametres of 500 pixels in height and 700 pixels in width

As shown above the parametres do allow for alot of experimentaion in signature sizes etc.

Flash Signatures (swf)
MUST be within the parametres of 300 pixels in height and 700 pixels in width and no more than 120 KB in file size

This rule is imposed to help limit the file size of the Flash used

Stacking Signatures is NOT ALLOWED
Only one piece of art can be displayed as your signature at all times (unless using a sig rotator).

"Not really artwork but you get the idea Laughing"

Inabling Removal
Any Signature (Normal or Flash) deemed to be causing users to be unable to load a post will be removed

Signature Content

"Bad" Content

Signatures must abide by Artifex's Rules on Content
No rude, vulgar, threatening, abusive, unlawful, hateful, obscene or objectionable content whether in artform or post.
No discussions will consist of political, religious, sexual or ethnic/racial topics.

Your Own Work!!
Signatures must be your OWN work, Copying/editing of works by other Signature Artists is prohibited.

Signature Links

Linking Out
Any links contained within a signature MUST NOT lead to any other sites (Only Artifex.justgoo and Photobucket)
- If you feel this is unjust or wish to get a site cleared for use in a link please speak to a moderator directly.

NO Hidden Links allowed, all must be Text/Button linked
Text Link : About Artifex
Button Link:
Both ways indicate that you will be following a link