artifex.justgoo (more commonly known as Artifex)
is a community forum that is designed by Artists for Artists.



Our Aim is to provide a constructive, creative, self-expressive and criticism free environment for not only new Artists but experienced artists too.


Artifex's Essence and Beliefs

Observe this quote:

"To Stifle Creative Expression is to Bind and Gag our very Souls"

Our theme quote is intended to describe how we feel toward our artwork. We hope that you share the same thoughts and beliefs of your artwork.

Artwork and Writing are an expression of not only the artist but the intended wearer/user. The Artist explores, feels and emotes in their creations and the wearer can assume an identity from the final product. We are big believers in Self Identity, and Creative Freedom. Each persons work should be as individual as not only the artist, but also the user. It is only fair that no one should be able to dictate what makes a single piece  better than another because no one is alike; therefore the way in which he/she interprets and renders a piece will always be unique.

"You cannot judge a Renaissance Piece against Salvador Dali or a Picasso using the judging techniques of only one style"


Artifex's Purpose: To Assist a Journey and Accomplish Goals.

The journey of the artist, though no one may know the road he/she will take, can be a long one. Longer still without help. A journey to great works never needs to be walked alone. A person to help is always a few paces away. Artifex attempts to meet this desire or need, whatever you may require, by providing the means by which all artists can find help or encouragement without fear or critical judgment. We seek to build up our fellow artists and encourage new growth. We hope that we can provide a place for artists to find their paths and assist each other as we all work towards obtaining our goals.


Final Note

Please make yourself at home and explore the locations within Artifex. We encourage everyone to begin with our personalized challenge so that we can all get to know each other better and share our paths.

Artifex is open to anyone interested in art.. No artist is too insignificant or inexperienced to join the community. Feel free to PM any of our artists with any Questions, Comments and Thoughts.

~Artifex Team