Welcome to the artifex.justgoo awards page, please find below a list of all the badges currently in attainable on artifex as well as descriptions and links on how to obtain them.
Last Profile Update: 28.1.2012

Joined Artifex

Like us on Facebook

Join us on AGE

Follow us on Twitter

Completed Profile

Introduced self in Artist Introductions

Given access to Drop Box

Completed Studio Challenge

Created a Challenge
Completed a Challenge
 (other than Studio)

Challenge of the Week Artist
Featured User of the Week

Tutorial of the Week

AGE Challenge Host

Hosted a Challenge on AGE forums*
(Must have permission from Pharwynd)

Photography Guru

Complete All Challenges within the Photography Section and create 5 Challenges

Large Art Guru
Complete All Challenges within the Large Art Section and create 5 Challenges

Forum Construction Guru
Complete All Challenges within the Forum Construction Section and assist in 2 Projects

Writing Guru
Complete All Challenges within the Writing Guru and create 5 Challenges

Signature Guru
Complete All Challenges within the Signature Section and create 5 Challenges

SOTM Winner Award*

LAOTM Winner Award*

WOTM Winner Award*
Coming Soon
POTM Winner Award*
Coming Soon

Web Designer*

Present at least 1 completed site and 3 concepts (can be for ones you wish to make, and no classified information/sites, sites done for work must have works permission to post)

Write an Article for the Informer

Tutorial Teacher

Present 10 Tutorials in Artifex Tutorial Section and present at least 1 as a Chat Tutorial*


30+ posts in the Lounge Section

Left my Mark

Designed Something for Artifex
(Moderator Approved Only)

Designed a Badge!
(Competition Only)

Have 10+ Friends on your Profile

Enemy Maker
Have 10+ Foes on your Profile

Popular! Thread...

Create a thread which reaches 25+ posts deeming it Popular!

Dun dun dun da Z!

Got the letter Z in the Art Alphabet Game

Quiz Queen(f)

Answered correctly 25+ questions in the Questions section.

Know-It-All King(m)

Answered correctly 25+ questions in the Questions section.


Get 666 in anything (posts, thanks, friends etc)

Artifex Piper

Lure 10+ people to join Artifex.justgoo

Smile Bringer
Nominated by those that you have made their day for. (4 Nominations)

(display Artifex (not group badge) on non artifex.justgoo profile or thread etc. SS submissions to moderator only. Will not be actively checking)

Been Everywhere

Commented on Artifex: Forum, AGE, Facebook and Twitter

Post Necromancer

(Not always the best award, 1st necromance = warning +  badge, second = removed access from Tutorials Section and Lounge, Third =removal from site [Necromancing does not count in challenge section, or if continuation of topic is valid])


(Always on Artifex, Nominated Only (3 needed + Online activity check) )


Those who have been members for over 1.5 years (time may be increased)

Star Wars Quotest

Best and most relevantly used star wars quote of the month!

Padawan/Helper Reward

Participated in Padawan Training and/or are a constant helper in Modi Projects (Nominated by Modi only)

Modi Knight Award

Presented as a Thank you to services for Artifex.justgoo rendered (kept even after resignation/retirement etc)

Pharwynd Badge
Pharwynd made you post
(Presented by Pharwynd)

Harajuku Badge

Make Harajuku a Signature
(Presented by Harajuku)

Mathy Badge
(Details to come)

Spirit Badge
Coming Soon
Lanaee Badge
Coming Soon

Catch'em All

Collect All the Badges (excludes Moderator Badges, and events prior to your join time)

A Little Competition Badge

January "Your Invited to..." Party Award

Below please find below the Post Awards

15 Posts

30 Posts

60 Posts

120 Posts

240 Post

I beat Pharwynd
(more posts than Pharwynd)


  • Badges marked with (*) are either in the making or yet the subject/project is still to come
  • Images used in the creation of these badges belong to their creators all due credit is awarded to them.
  • Badges can and will be continuously updated, please check back for new or revitalised badges.
  • Badges will be displayed on your profile ONLY